The Best Foods in Tuscany

If you are looking to maximize your travel experience, then don’t just go spoiling yourself on the buildings and architecture but also on the foods that they specialize in. Tuscany has some of the best tasting foods, and you will completely miss out on the experience if you don’t try them all or at least most of it. So here is our list of some of the best tasting foods that Tuscany has to offer.

Crostini di Fegato – If you are heading to any town in Tuscany then you should start your meal with an antipasto wherein it includes cured meat and different pieces of bread. The crostini di fegato is a popular dish that comes with a flavorful chicken liver pate that is spread evenly on a thinly sliced and toasted bread. There is also a crouton or bruschetta version that has smoked ham, chicken, duck or goose meat, veal, and is topped with capers, anchovies, onions, mozzarella, tomatoes, or porcini mushrooms.

Pane Sciocco / Unsalted Breads – This bread in Tuscany differs from all the other bread in Italy because of the lack of salt in its ingredients. The reason why this bread exists is because of the time when Florence had a shortage of salt during the middle ages. Another reason is because salt is highly taxed all over Tuscany which then forced town folks to change the way they make their bread. You can also go for the fettunta which is another delicious dish that incorporates the use of grilled, unsalted bread and is served with garlic olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.

Soups – If you are in Tuscany, you will see that locals show their love for bread by matching it with their appetite for a good soup. Tuscany has a motto where they should make no waste on their food, therefore, they add dry bread to their soups which in turn creates versatile dishes. It usually consists of kale, cannellini beans, tomatoes, carrots, celery, black cabbage, onions, other veggies, and most all stale bread, are boiled together in ribollita. A famous soup known as Pappa al Pomodoro is made using day-old bread then is added with garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, and basil.

Lampredotto – Another regional speciality especially in Florence is the tripe. The meal lampredotto is a famous street food in Tuscany wherein it is made of a cow’s stomach. The thinly sliced tripe is cooked in broth and is spread on a sandwich with either red or green sauce. If you want to try its wet bread version, then you should order the Bagnato, and it comes with tomato-tripe gravy. The panini di lampredotto is also another dish that contains hot tripe that is spread evenly over round rolls or a whole grain bread and is finally topped with a salsa verde.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina – The Tuscan steak from a Chianina is served in very rare with roasted potato and white beans on the side. These thick beef pieces are grilled on open fire wherein the outside is nicely roasted while its inside remains soft and fleshy. It also comes with other sides such as lemon wedges and bell peppers.