The Best Traditional Foods to Try in Tuscany

When you’re travelling, nothing beats the experience of trying out the traditional foods to make your visit to the place a memorable one. In Tuscany, the foods they offer there are even quite extraordinary since a majority of the countries from all over the world have restaurants which specializes in an Italian menu. So it would be nice to complete your travel experience there by tasting your favorite Italian foods to where it originated. But apart from the usual pizza and pasta, you should also check out these other traditional foods that Tuscany has to offer.

Pappardelle – This is known as a first-course meal wherein it includes a thicker version of the spaghetti and is topped off with a wild boar sauce. If you want, you can have it seasoned with some of Italy’s classic ingredients such as meat sauces, porcini mushrooms, sausages, artichokes, etc.

Bistecca all Fiorentina – This is a Porterhouse steak that is made in Florence style. You can have it served to you as very rare or al sangue. It can also be served along with other side dishes such as roasted potatoes, white beans, or a tender salad depending on your choice. But if you’re not into the rare type of cooking, you can have the meat in medium or well done. However, the Fiorentina is best served as very rare so make sure that you consider that cooking option above all else.

Cinghiale – The cinghiale, otherwise known as wild boar, is the kind of meat that is best paired and enjoyed with antipasti or panini. But you will sure enjoy it, even more, when you add it to pomodori secchi, brie cheese, and tartufo salsa on a panino. You will definitely say that it’s one of the most delicious meals you’ve ever tasted.

Crostini di fegato – If you want a starter food for your Tuscany experience then this is the real deal. This dish is a sauce made with butter, chicken livers, anchovies, capers, broth and onion. These ingredients are then spread on a warm Tuscan bread, and it’s all good to devour. So make this dish your very first munch the moment you go out for your Tuscan adventure.

Cantucci – This famous almond biscotti is a popular Tuscan dish that is made entirely from scratch. You can best enjoy it with a glass of Vin Santo as your digestive liqueur after eating this hefty meal.

So there you have it. These foods are sure to help you get a good start on your Tuscany food trip experience. Make sure that you get to try each of the foods that were mentioned here to ensure that your travel experience will be a worthy one. But apart from the list of traditional foods that were mentioned, Tuscany and Italy in general sure has some of the best-tasting menus out there. Get out there, have fun exploring the place, and top it off with some of Italy’s finest foods.